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Commercial vehicle insurance prospects delivered to you instantly

Generating commercial vehicle insurance leads can be a time-consuming process and as an insurance broker you need to know that you are targeting the right market. Non-standard van insurance leads and fleet insurance leads are even more specialist areas than general van insurance but, if you have the product, we can put you in touch with the people who want it.

By their very nature, commercial vehicles can be subject to higher insurance premiums than regular vehicles. Many owners of vans and commercial vehicles are being advised to shop around and scour the Internet for good insurance deals but many of these people simply don’t have the time. These are the people you want to target and has the resources to help you do so.

“Instead of wasting time and money trying to generate CV insurance leads, why not let the leads come to you?”

Our unique service offers you van insurance leads that are not bought in from outside providers and are generated in real time through our website. All you have to do to take advantage of this service is to apply online and tell us what sort of commercial vehicle insurance leads you’d like to receive. At the other end of the equation, people looking for CV insurance will be filling in an online form, giving us the details of what they want. If you've chosen to receive their type of enquiry, we’ll pass the lead on to you. You can then contact them and discuss your commercial vehicle insurance product in your own time.

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Van Insurance Leads

“’s service means that I receive fresh commercial vehicle insurance leads on a daily basis without having to spend time and money generating them.”

“Using helped me to find new CV insurance prospects with the minimum amount of effort involved.”