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As 4 x 4 cars and vans go, the Mitsubishi Delica represents one of the most versatile platforms that has gained almost cult status among those ‘in the know’ about imported Japanese vehicles. The Mitsubishi Delica can be adapted to use as a 4x4 off-roader, a delivery van, a family car, a private hire minibus – it offers a multitude of options to its owners and with models dating back to 1968, there are many available.

Introduced in 2007, the Mitsubishi Delica D5 took the car a stage further, with its various limited editions – the Chamonix, G-Premium and Roadest – offering enthusiasts even more options to modify these cars to their individual specifications.

This means that with so many variations on the road, comparing Japanese imported car insurance for a Mitsubishi Delica requires the knowledge and contacts that an insurance broker who specialises in arranging insurance for Japanese cars and trucks has available.

How Expensive is insuring a Mitsubishi Delica?

It’s not always straightforward to define accurately what an individual Mitsubishi Delica is – an SUV, a minibus, a people carrier – these cars were built with adaptability rather than speed or performance in mind. Insurance for Mitsubishi Delicas will depend, among other factors, upon the use to which it is being put. Add in any modifications that may have been carried out and it is easy to understand why many insurers shy away from offering standard car insurance quotes for your Mitsubishi Delica.

All is not lost however and QuoteRack can offer you access to insurance brokers who are familiar with these cars and who have access to specialist insurance schemes for imported Japanese cars like the Mitsubishi Delica.

How to Insure Your Mitsubishi Delica

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