Fine Art, Antiques and Jewellery Insurance

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How to insure art collections, antiques and valuable pieces

Insuring valuable items such as fine art, antiques insurance, expensive jewellery insurance and similar high value home contents is a job for experts and QuoteRack gives you access to specialist insurance intermediaries who will be able to provide top quality insurance cover for your most prized personal possessions.

"We have a small art collection at home and wanted help not only with arranging insurance but also with making sure our household security was up to scratch."

Fine art and valuables insurance cover includes:

  • Original art - paintings and prints
  • Sculptures and ceramic art
  • Antiques - decorative items, furniture and specialist collections
  • Higher-value jewellery - rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings
  • Watches
  • Personal items - designer handbags and clothing
  • Family heirlooms

Fine art can include sculptures, original art and prints, photography and ceramics - it is an area of insurance that requires the expert skill and guidance of professional insurance brokers.

"Owning valuable antique jewellery that has been passed down through the family is a big responsibility and I needed insurance not only while at home but also abroad too"

Making sure that you have the correct sums insured for each individual item or for your art, antique or jewellery collection is critical to ensuring that you have the correct level of insurance cover - get these valuations correct right from the start and you minimise the risk of being under-insured.


"Insuring a work of art is best left to the experts - simply click 'Get a Quote' to submit details of your insurance requirements"

"Fine art insurance, or indeed anything highly valuable, requires knowledge, skill and expertise in this highly specialised area of insurance"

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