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Insuring your angling equipment

Insuring your fishing equipment, including rods, reels, tackle boxes, nets and lines can soon add up and you might have assumed that your angling equipment is automatically covered under your home contents insurance. This may not be the case and if not, QuoteRack can help you find cheap angling insurance from expert insurance brokers who specialise in providing insurance for anglers equipment.

Fishing enthusiasts typically acquire their kit over a number of years and when it comes to fishing tackle insurance, working out how much it would cost to replace in the event that it was all stolen is not an easy task. Most fishermen will tend to keep their angling equipment in a garage or garden shed and in these cases, it would be wise to check with your current home contents insurers whether the fishing equipment is insured in these locations.

"My entire fishing tackle collection, including sea fishing rods and reels, fly reels and wading equipment were stolen from my garage - it was only when I submitted a claim that my insurance company advised me that my angling equipment should have been insured on an all risks basis"

Insuring angling equipment whilst it is away from your home is straightforward and you only need to work out how much your angling kit would cost to replace in order to get a quote for angling insurance. Also bear in mind that a specialist anglers insurance policy can insure you against any potential legal liability arising from accidentally catching someone with a hook or line.

Click for Fishing Tackle Insurance Quotes

"As a keen fisherman, I have spent a fortune on angling equipment over the years and it is surprising how the value adds up over time. When I sat down and worked out how much it would all cost to replace, I was staggered. And to think that I'd had no angling equipment insurance in place for years."

"My new fishing equipment is fantastic and having spent so much on new tackle, it made sense to insure it separately"