Specialist Landlord Insurance

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What is Specialist Landlord Insurance?

Specialist landlord insurance ensures you are covered for the risks you may face when letting or leasing your property to non-standard or high-risk tenants. This protects you and your property for damage to the buildings and/or contents against a range of unforeseen events whilst inhabited by your non-standard tenants. Non-standard tenants can include:

  • DSS Benefits claimants
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Students

What does specialist landlord insurance include?

Specialist landlord insurance, much like regular landlord insurance, covers you and your property against rare unforeseen circumstances. Although all property-owners requirements are individual, common specialist landlord insurance policies will include:

  • Landlord buildings insurance: This can be used for any structural repairs needed, and repairs to any permanent fixtures and fittings; it also covers the cost of rebuilding your property. Other circumstances requiring building insurance include fire, flood, subsidence, storm damage, theft and vandalism.
  • Landlord contents insurance: If your property is furnished, this type of cover can protect the contents you provide.
  • Landlord liability insurance – This can cover legal fees and compensation if a tenant has an accident or has belongings damaged in your property - if you’re at fault.

Other optional types of landlord cover include:

  • Further legal expenses
  • Rent guarantee insurance
  • Loss of income insurance
  • Home emergency cover
  • Alternative accommodation cover
  • Malicious damage cover
  • Accidental damage

Asylum Seekers Landlord Insurance

When you own a rental property, you may be offered asylum seeker tenants. This occurs during the process of finding them permanent accommodation within the UK. Unfortunately, many standard landlord insurance companies do not cover asylum seekers landlord insurance. Luckily, QuoteRack can access specialist quotes for asylum seekers landlord insurance.

What are asylum seekers?

According to the Refugee Council, an asylum seeker is defined as “A person who has left their country of origin and formally applied for asylum in another country but whose application has not yet been concluded.” Due to this predicament, finding long-term housing can be difficult.

DSS Landlord Insurance

Renting a property to any tenant comes at a risk, a risk of damage, delayed rent or even a loss of income. It is commonly assumed that those paying rent with benefits pose a higher risk than those who do not. Whether this is true or not, indeed, many insurance providers will not cover those renting to DSS tenants. Fortunately, our team of approved brokers can help with your specific requirements.

What is DSS?

DSS refers to the Department of Social Security, a government organisation that ceased operations in 2001 before being rebranded to the Department of Work and Pensions. The LHA, formed in 2008, took over the role of the DSS. The LHA is a policy aimed at rental property owners renting to those receiving housing benefits. Many people in the housing industry still refer to these tenants as ‘DSS tenants’, despite the DSS no longer being around.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies and even mortgage lenders will not offer their services to those renting properties to tenants on housing benefits. If you require specialist DSS landlord insurance, please get in touch.

Student Landlord Insurance

Renting a property to students can be a very lucrative venture due to the constant stream of potential tenants year after year and the volume of students that will often share a property, resulting in higher income. Unfortunately, to many insurance brokers, students pose a greater risk of claim than most standard tenants. Whether from malicious or accidental damage or risk to contents. Luckily, our team of approved brokers can assist you in finding student landlord insurance.

How can we help?

Fortunately, QuoteRack works closely with insurance brokers who can offer you access to specialised schemes offered by niche insurance companies looking to provide landlord insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Do I legally need specialist landlord insurance?

Much like regular landlord insurance, specialist landlord insurance is not legally required. However, non-standard tenants can often pose a higher risk of a claim, and repairs and injuries on your property can become costly without appropriate cover. In addition to this, many mortgage providers, especially buy-to-let mortgage providers, will require specialist landlord insurance.

What is a tenant 'type'?

A tenant type refers to the current situation of your tenant, whether they are in full-time work or pay their rent partially or full through housing benefits.

Enquire through us for specialist landlord insurance

If you have explored other avenues of enquiry in your search for specialist landlord insurance, then you are welcome to submit your details through the QuoteRack website, without cost or obligation to proceed when you receive your insurance quote.


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