Mini-Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance for 2 - 5 vehicles

Insuring 2 - 5 vehicles on a small fleet insurance policy

Insuring 2, 3, 4 or 5 cars and / or vans on a mini fleet insurance policy brings with it a number of benefits, not least that you only have to remember one renewal date for all of the vehicles on the mini fleet policy. Sometimes known as a multi-car insurance policy, insuring multiple vehicles on one policy can save time and money for those looking to insure up to 5 cars or vans.

"We have a small number of cars and vans that were previously covered on separate insurance policies - combining them all into one small fleet insurance policy has saved us time and money"

Small fleet insurance is available to owners of cars and vans, or a mixture of both; the minifleet policy can be taken out in an individual's name or in the name of a company or business - it is entirely flexible and allows you to manage a small number of vehicles more easily and efficiently.

"Insuring a small number of vehicles, as few as 2, 3, 4 or 5 vehicles, is quite common and it has not always been easy to arrange cover for all the vehicles on one mini-fleet insurance policy"

Cover is as flexible as you require and one of the key advantages is that combining all of your vehicles on to one mini fleet insurance policy often brings with it a reduction in your overall insurance premiums.

"Mini fleet insurance can cover cars and vans, almost any vehicles can be included"

"Named drivers, any driver, comprehensive or third party, fire and theft on different vehicles - the multi car insurance policy is as flexible as you need it to be"