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Insuring your annexe or granny flat's buildings or contents

Having a self-contained annexe attached or adjacent to your home can present homeowners with a few issues when it comes to arranging appropriate annexe insurance.

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What is an annexe?

An Annexe, also sometimes referred to as a ‘Granny Flat’, is a self-contained unit of accommodation, built either as an extension to the main home or as a separate structure within the grounds of the property. An Annexe will often include a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Traditionally, an Annexe is used by a family member to allow them independence whilst still being within arms reach for support. An Annexe will often share an address and postcode with the main property.

Renting out your annex

In recent years, annexes and other property extensions have been used not only as an extra room for family members and friends but also as another source of income. As property entrepreneurs move away from traditional methods and towards newer, more flexible approaches like AirBnB, more homeowners are looking to utilise their extra space for short-term holiday lettings and long term rentals. If you are considering using your annexe for commercial use, you must investigate appropriate annexe insurance.

Why do you need Annexe Insurance?

Due to the surge in popularity for these extensions in the UK, there are many reasons why someone may be searching for specialised annexe insurance.

Independent Adolescents

An ever-increasing rise in property prices has made it more difficult than ever before for young people to purchase a home. Allowing your children to have their own independent accommodation on your property is both a great economical solution as well as a fantastic way for them to find their feet in the world. For this reason, annexe insurance or home insurance with an annexe is a wise investment.

Rented-out Annexe

When renting out your annexe, even for a short time, you will formally take on the responsibilities of a landlord for the days it is rented. As such, it is crucial that you have the appropriate annexe insurance in place for that duration. If you are looking to insure a let property that is outside of your grounds, please visit our Landlords Insurance page.

Granny flat / Annexe

One of the most traditional use cases for an annexe is as a granny flat. A granny flat allows you to keep an older family member on your property whilst allowing them the independence they are accustomed to. Granny annexes have become a growing solution over recent years due to the increasing rise in care home costs.

Frequently asked questions

What does Annexe Insurance cover?

Depending on the type of cover you receive, annexe insurance will often cover:

  • The structure and material of the annexe;
  • Indemnity for liabilities, such as lost rental income;
  • Alternative accommodation.

How much is Annexe Insurance?

The cost of your annexe insurance depends entirely on your use case; our team of approved insurance brokers will find a solution that is right for you. We pride ourselves on helping our customers obtain some of the most affordable quotes on the market.

Enquire with us for Annexe Insurance.

There are around 37,000 home fires per year in the UK alone. Whether your annexe is being used by family or as a business venture, it is crucial to get the correct cover for you. Enquire with us today, and QuoteRack’s team of approved brokers will find the most effective and economical insurance plan for you.

Annexe insurance - additional information

Annexes and Council Tax

You can see the implications for your Council Tax bill if you have a granny flat or similar by downloading Valuation Office Agency - Annexes and Council Tax.pdf

A helpful video explaining the need for care when considering Planning Permission v. Permitted Development Rights.


"If your annexe forms part of your main home but is self contained and has its own front door, you could consider an annexe insurance policy to cover both the buildings and contents"

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