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How to find insurance after a criminal conviction

We offer some helpful tips to those affected by a criminal conviction and seeking insurance

The Pro's and Con's of Right to Manage

For leaseholders considering a right to manage bid, we offer some points to consider

Is an Annex the Answer to Multigenerational Living?

Some things to consider before you buy a home with an annex or granny-flat

The Trouble with Listed Properties

Some pluses and minuses to consider when buying a listed property

Why Insuring Non-Standard Properties Can Be Difficult

Thinking of buying a house of non-standard construction?

The Government's White Paper for the Private Rental Sector

The winners and losers from the proposed overhaul of the private landlords' sector

If you're thinking of entering the rental market as a landlord

For first-time property developers, some tips and hints

Safety requirements for private landlords

The safety rules you must follow if you rent out a property

How to keep your restaurant kitchen clean

For restaurateurs: the difference between cleaning - and cleaning

6 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant's Kitchen Running Efficiently

For restaurateurs: 6 kitchen pinch-points and how to avoid them

5 Ways to Keep Your Restaurant's Front-of-House Running Smoothly

For restaurateurs: 5 front-of-house pinch-points and how to avoid them

5 Ways to Keep Your High Value Property Secure

Some tips on how to keep your expensive home more secure and keep what's yours, yours

It's an investment, but is it art?

Some tips on how to look after your preferred pieces of art, in whatever you choose to invest

What, exactly, is an expensive home?

When it comes to insuring your home, it helps to know if it falls into a 'high value' category

8 Tips to Keep Your High Value Property Looking Fantastic

How to keep your expensive home in tip-top condition and get it 'magazine-ready'

Vehicle Identity Check Scheme Changes

Changes that affect potential owners of 'Category C' damaged-repaired vehicles...

Cheaper Chopper Insurance

Got a proper chopper? QuoteRack offers owners of chopped motorbikes access to a new insurance scheme...

Insuring your Country Estate

Even Downton Abbey required insurance - upstairs and downstairs...

Car insurance...Ex-offenders held to ransom?

You're nicked, sunshine - and your car insurance might never be the same again.

Don't Look Down - The Dangers of Working at Height

Don't look down - the dangers of working at height...

Life Insurance and Hereditary Implications

We are our parents' children, including their genes, their parents' genes...

Bentley Motors - Cars, Cologne and Crystal

Crewe's finest has launched a new range of home furniture...

VW Campervans reach the end of the road

After 63 years in production, the final VW Campervan rolls off the production line next month.

Flood Action Campaign

Just as you thought it was safe to live close to a river...

The Rise and Rise of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz have just reported their highest monthly sales figure EVER....

Goods in Transit Insurance - for when goods go missing

'GIT' insures your goods in case they get lost or damaged before they're delivered...

Should have got Lamborghini Insurance...

Oops - this is what can happen if you don't check your car insurance is valid...

Low-cost Flat Insurance for High-Rise Living

What's the difference between insuring a flat as a tenant and as a leaseholder? Barney explains the difference...

Who will Insure your Modified Car?

Modified car? We're not all boy-racers...

Spotlight on Maserati Car Insurance

Insuring a supercar requires experience and access to specialist underwriting facilities - Barney shows you how to insure your Maserati...

Converting Properties into Affordable Homes

Converting business and residential properties into affordable homes might be one way of easing the affordable housing shortage...

Snooker Insurance - Pocket the Difference

Snooker - the fastest growing sport on the planet? Really? Right on cue...

Aston Martin - Quality Car, Quality Insurance Required

2013 sees the anniversary of 100 years of Aston Martin production...

Previous Claims on your Home Insurance?

If you have previously made home insurance claims, Barney offers an insight into how it can affect your future insurance...

Stars and their Cars - the Cost of Celebrity Insurance

I'm a celebrity - get me a cheap car insurance quote...

Clinic Insurance - You're Hired!

Nips and insurance for cosmetic surgeons does not need to be a stitch-up...

Online sales driving part-time motor trade

Hello John, got a new motor? Barney talks about part-time motor trade insurance...

50+ Health Insurance - one of the costs of living longer

If 50 is the new 40, how come private health insurance suddenly becomes more expensive?

Holidays at Home - backed by Wallace and Gromit

Cracking holiday home insurance in the UK, Gromit...

Any old iron...the nuts and bolts of scrap metal insurance

When one man's trash is another man's treasure - how to insure scrap metal...

Workplace Pension Schemes - we are all in it together

Company workplace pension schemes - the dangers of businesses leaving it till the last moment...

Quadbike Insurance - On-Road and Off-Road

Is it a bike, is it a car? It's a motorbike with 4 wheels, surely...

How to Mirror your No Claims Discount

If you have earned maximum no claims bonus on your first car or van, we will show you how you can 'mirror' that NCB on a second vehicle...

Insuring all your cars on a single, multi-vehicle policy

If your driveway is blocked by the family's cars, your insurance options might surprise you...

The real 'Kitchen Nightmare'..Restaurant Insurance

If you can't stand the heat - get better restaurant insurance...

Insuring the lives of H.M. Forces at home and overseas

Offering members of the UK military access to specialist life insurance cover for UK and foreign postings

Barney is Hatched

He's been incubating for a while, but Barney the QuoteRack Owl finally puts in his first appearance.

Expensive car, expensive insurance?

It's a false economy to scrimp on your car insurance if you've invested in a prestige executive car...

Bed and Breakfast Owners: cheaper insurance = lower costs

B&B owners - this is no time for a lie-in. The UK hospitality industry is feeling the pinch but you can reduce your insurance costs

Young Driver Car Insurance - it's just so unfair

There really is no such thing as cheap car insurance for young drivers...

Another brick in the wall - of non-standard home insurance

Wattle and daub, timber-frame....even a flat roof can render your property of 'non-standard construction' for the purposes of house insurance...

Hotels - cut your insurance costs to get more guests

Hotel owners should consider reducing their insurance premiums in order to improve their profitability...and offer cheaper rooms

Stocked-up on Shop Insurance?

Shopping around for cheap shop insurance can leave retailers wondering what they are actually insured for..or against.

Opting Out of Your Company Car Scheme

Leaving a company car scheme in order to avoid tax can lead to some shocks when insuring your new car for the first time...

Block of Flats Insurance - a Communal Problem

Purpose-built blocks of flats require specialist insurance cover - we can offer specialist guidance to landlords, tenants and managing agents.

The Taxing Issue of Insuring an Empty Home

If you're a landlord or homeowner with empty properties, it's not just the buildings and contents insurance that is going to cost you more...

Beat the Bedroom Tax - Take a Lodger

Taking a lodger to fill that spare room may seem like a good idea - but then you find out you've become a landlord...

Look After Your Thatched Roof

(and your thatch will look after you...) We consider the key aspects of living under a thatch roof and how to keep yourself properly covered.

Daylight Robbery - British Summer Time costs nightclubs...

Putting the clocks forward to BST cost UK nightclubs both time and money...

Silver surfers can strike gold with 50+ Life Insurance

Everybody's at it...more over-50's than ever are using the Internet to compare online deals - including for their life insurance.

Listed Home Insurance - protection for prestigious property

Owning and insuring a listed property can come at a price - maintaining the integrity of these buildings is a specialist job.

Company Car Tax Set to Rise

Company car tax is due to rise in April 2013, adding further costs to UK businesses running their own vehicles.

A 'freeze' that would warm pub-owners' hearts

Will next week's Budget mark the end of the current cold snap for pub landlords? Or will further duty increases leave them out in the cold?

New research: Road convictions can double your insurance

A drink-drive motoring conviction will cost you more than a fine and points on your licence - your car insurance premium can also suffer for years too.

The Mansion Tax - what's your house worth?

The proposed Mansion Tax - how much is your home worth and have you told your insurers?

UK Empty High Street Shops 'Stabilised'

Insuring Britain's recession-hit empty High Street shops is an insurance niche that is becoming more in demand.

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