Travel Insurance with a medical history

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Travelling with an existing health condition

If you are unfortunate enough to have a recognised pre-existing medical condition, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure, cancer or other progressive diseases, arranging travel insurance with medical conditions to cover your holiday abroad is going to require the services of an insurance professional who specialises in travel insurance for pre-existing health conditions. QuoteRack has access to brokers who understand the needs of travellers with health problems and have access to special insurance schemes aimed specifically at those who need travel insurance for pre-existing health conditions.

"I have suffered from hypertension for many years and arranging holiday insurance when you have a medical condition takes a bit longer. QuoteRack put me in touch with expert insurance brokers who knew all about travel insurance cover for those with existing health conditions."

It pays to be open and honest when arranging insurance, especially when travelling with a known medical problem. The insurer needs to know as much information as required to make an informed judgement about whether to offer travel insurance cover for your health condition.

If you require a quote for travel insurance and you have a diagnosed health condition, simply complete the travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions form and your details will be passed to insurance brokers who specialise in this type of travel cover.

It is important to disclose as much information about your medical condition as you can, so you know that in the event that you need to claim on your travel insurance policy, your health situation is already known and accepted by your travel insurance company.


"My husband had a heart attack about 2 years ago and we needed to know that whatever happened, the travel insurance covered us for any problems that might arise."

"Travel insurance isn't something you tend to think about too much when you're fit and well, but making sure you have travel cover for a pre-existing health problem such as angina is vital."

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