Grey Import Bike Insurance

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Insurance for personal import motorbikes

There is a significant trade in the personal importation of motorcycles from Europe, USA and from the largest source of grey import motorbikes, Japan. Insuring a grey import bike that has not come in via a main dealer or distributor is classed as either grey import motorbike insurance if the bike is used, or as a personal import motorbike if the machine is new and previously unregistered.

How to insure your imported motorbike

Obtaining quotes for grey import motorcycle insurance can be made a lot easier by using QuoteRack's expert insurance brokers who specialise in providing imported bike insurance quotes.

"I own an NC30 motorbike, imported on my behalf from Japan and arranging insurance was a real pain before I found QuoteRack."

QuoteRack will send details of you and your bike to a number of specialist insurance brokers who will be pleased to provide you with imported bike insurance quotes.

"We have imported two bikes from Japan, one a Yamaha and one a Suzuki. Buying them as previously owned grey imports means you can save a huge amount on the UK retail price."

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"I went through a specialist import dealer to source my new motorbike - it was very straightforward, all the paperwork was done for me and all I needed to do was arrange the insurance cover."

"Buying a grey import bike means that you have access to different models of bike that you wouldn't see so often on UK roads."

Imported Motorbike Insurance