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Insuring activity holidays and extreme sports

Standard travel insurance is rarely sufficient to cover some of the more dangerous pursuits enjoyed by many whilst on holiday. Hang-gliding, base-jumping, parachuting, canoeing, kayaking and other, more 'extreme sports insurance' require the disclosure to and acceptance by your insurance provider before you can be sure you are covered for all eventualities. Fortunately, QuoteRack has links with insurance brokers who understand the travel insurance requirements of those engaged in activity holidays. To obtain a quote, simple fill in our short activity holiday insurance quote form and our brokers will be in touch for more details.

"We went backpacking across Australia during our gap year and finding backpackers insurance cover for that kind of activity was a real challenge."

As with all types of insurance, if you are not sure whether your activity holiday is covered under your travel insurance policy, it is best to ask the experts.

If you would like to discuss your activity holiday with someone who understands how best to find you the right travel policy, please complete the Hazarous Activity Travel Insurance form.

Whether your holiday plans include something as extreme as white water rafting through the Rockies or gliding over the Pyrenees, you need to make sure you are insured against the worst that can happen.

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"Jet-skiing and other powered water sports is great fun and a real buzz, dangerous too. We needed cover quickly and QuoteRack was there."

"We take the canoes with us on holiday each year and so far, we've been lucky and haven't needed the travel insurance. But you never know."

Extreme Sports Travel Insurance