Life insurance for hazardous pastimes


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Life cover for extreme sports

If you take part in a hazardous pastime or enjoy an extreme sport such as such as rock climbing, scuba diving or caving, you may find certain types of insurance difficult to obtain, including life insurance for extreme sports, income protection insurance, permanent health insurance and mortgage protection insurance. If your dangerous pursuit or hobby is regarded as a higher insurance risk, you may be asked to pay a slightly higher premium than somebody who does not take part in these pastimes, due to the increased risk of injury leading to potential time off work or even premature death.

What are considered extreme sports for life insurance?

Hobbies or activities such as gliding, private flying, skiing, yacht racing, hang gliding, paragliding and parachuting may also attract closer scrutiny and increased premiums from an insurance company.

It is unlikely that either a hazardous pastime or occupation would universally exclude you, although some companies may not wish to offer cover.

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QuoteRack's experience shows that not all life companies are equal when it comes to providing for life insurance quotes, particularly if you have had some health problems, you work in a dangerous industry or you have a taste for extreme sports.

How will extreme sports affect my life insurance premium?

With a hobby such a paragliding different insurance companies will assess different factors in deciding the risk you present. This can be dependent on such things as the number of hours you fly, whether you are a BHPA member or not, if you intend to partake in any aerobatics, stunt flying or record attempts and your pilot rating. Because different insurers assess these aspects differently there can be big differences in the premiums they charge upon completion of the underwriting. In many instances this means a company who is not providing the cheapest standard quote provides the best end terms.

Each hazardous pastime and hobby will have its own assessment criteria.

What's the best way of getting a quote for life insurance?

You could apply to all the companies yourself, one at a time, and see who will accept you with the least premium loading (if they accept you at all). Using QuoteRack, however, we submit your details to a team of specialist brokers who have the knowledge and experience to ask you the right questions straight away and who then have the ability to speak to the underwriters to find the best insurance company from the whole of the market.

As QuoteRack's IFA’s are specialists, they are well-versed in the realistic degrees of risk involved in extreme sports and other hazardous hobbies and occupations. Therefore, you are much more likely to get a properly calculated assessment of the cover you require, and a reasonable quote.


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