Internet and Ebay Business Insurance

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Business insurance for home-based Internet and Ebay traders

If you are running an Internet-based business from home, either through your own website or operating as an Ebay trader, buying or selling goods or services over the Web, then you need to consider your insurance requirements very carefully.

It is likely that your existing home insurance policy will not cover you for Internet trading from home, which is where QuoteRack and our specialist insurance brokers will be able to help you arrange your Internet-based business insurance.

Simply complete the online enquiry form and our specialist insurance brokers will contact you to discuss your business insurance requirements and talk you through the available options for insuring an online business.


"We don't carry any stock or goods at home, we operate through our own website but our existing insurance company would not insure our home contents as we were running an internet-based business from home."

"Ebay traders, whether buying or selling, should make sure that their home insurance covers them for running a home-based internet business."

Internet-based Home Business Insurance