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What's the difference between a modified bike and a customised bike?

It's all down to individual interpretation but generally speaking, a modified bike is usually a standard, OEM bike that's had some alterations made to it, either to change its looks or performance or both. A custom bike, again generally speaking, tends to be a bike that's been built from scratch and is a genuine one-off machine.

Insuring a customised or modified motorbike

Insuring a modified or custom motor-bike requires the expert knowledge of a specialist modified bike insurance broker. Whatever the extent of the modifications you have made to your motorbike, you will need to know where to find competitive quotes for modified bike insurance. QuoteRack offers you a network of knowledgeable insurance brokers who know where to look to find cheap modified bike insurance.

"Even a few minor modifications to the engine meant that my normal insurance company wouldn't touch me. Finding cheap modified bike insurance proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated."

What type of motorbike modifications can be insured?

Custom bikes come in all shapes and sizes, whether it's a bike that's been built from the forks up or if you have a 'stock' motorbike that has had some minor modifications made to it. Just adding some aftermarket accessories could, in theory, make your insurance company consider it to be a modified bike. If in doubt, it's always best to check.'

Making even minor modifications to your bike means that you need to inform your insurance company that you are riding a modified bike. If they choose to accept the modifications and continue with your bike insurance cover, you are fine; if however they choose to cancel your policy, you will need to fid another insurance company that offers quotes for custom motorbike insurance.

"I made some minor changes to the brakes, upgrading them and making the bike safer - but my insurance company wanted an engineer's report before it would continue with my insurance policy."

Do you insure all types of modified and custom bikes?

QuoteRack's brokers are specialists in arranging all types of motorbike insurance.Please see our separate categories for:

How do I get an insurance quote for a modified motorbike?

If you own a custom or modified bike and you are looking to insure it, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your details online.


"All QuoteRack insurance brokers are FCA authorised and regulated. For bike owners, our brokers are specialists in providing cover for all types of custom and modified bikes."

"I have modified my bike from the wheels up, my insurance company had a fit but I eventually got it sorted, thanks to QuoteRack."

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