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Finding cheaper motorcycle insurance

When looking for motorbike insurance quotes, there is a huge range of different types of motorcycle, including sports bikes, tourer bikes, learner rider bikes, restricted A-Licence legal, motorcycle cruisers, trail bikes and roadsters. QuoteRack offers you the chance to compare bike insurance quotes from specialist motorcycle insurance brokers around the UK.

"Honda, Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki, BMW- so many great motorbikes to choose from and getting motorbike insurance quotes is so much easier through QuoteRack."

Whatever your type and size of bike - from a modest 125cc, to a 250cc, 400cc, 600cc, 750cc or a 'superbike' 900+cc motorbike, QuoteRack's brokers will be pleased to help you get a great bike insurance quote.

"Arranging insurance for my Ducati 900 and Yamaha R1 was made so much easier, thanks to QuoteRack."

In order to compare motorcycle insurance quotes from multiple insurance brokers, simply complete our simple online form and your details will be sent immediately to our bike insurance specialists.


"Shopping around for a new bike has become a hobby - I spend hours reviewing new bikes, new models - if only arranging the bike insurance was as much fun."

"As a provisional learner rider, I need the cheapest motorbike insurance I can find."

Motorbike Insurance