Non-Standard Construction Home Insurance

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What is non-standard construction?

Non-standard construction covers a wide range of property types, including:

  • PRC - pre-cast reinforced concrete
  • Cob construction
  • Mundic block
  • Stone or slate
  • Weather boarding
  • Wattle and daub
  • Metal-framed and clad - steel or cast iron - BISF and Trusteel
  • Pre-fabricated - Unity system
  • In situ concrete
  • Timber-frame construction

The roof material can also sometimes affect your home insurance. A thatched, flat, rubber or shingle roof might also mean you require non-standard construction insurance.

What is non-standard construction insurance?

When insuring your home and you know or suspect that it is of non-standard construction, you may have found that your choices for insuring property built from non-standard materials are somewhat limited. Insurers are often less willing to offer quotes for non-standard construction property insurance owing to the potential additional and unknown costs associated with repairing these types of properties.

Properties of stone or slate construction, wattle and daub, timber-clad or other non-standard building materials can still be quite common and for these properties you need the expert advice and knowledge of an insurance professional who has access to specialist non-standard construction home insurance schemes for these types of properties.

Why use non-standard construction insurance?

The cost of repairing properties that are not made of standard brick walls and slate roof play a major part in insuring property made from non-standard building materials. The building materials themselves may be obsolete or hard to come by and the number of tradesmen who are capable of repairing these properties can be lower, making it a costly business to repair a non-standard constructed property.

How can QuoteRack help?

QuoteRack works closely with a range of insurance brokers who specialise in various types of home insurance, both buildings and contents cover. Arranging home insurance cover for properties that are built from non-standard materials is one such speciality.

QuoteRack brokers include this type of intermediary and by completing the QuoteRack Quotation Request Form, you will be contacted by an insurance intermediary who understands your requirements and who will be happy to assist in obtaining the best possible non-standard construction insurance quotes.

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Non Standard Construction Home Insurance