Overseas Holiday Home Insurance

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Insurance for overseas holiday homes

If you have invested in overseas property, perhaps as a holiday home or maybe you are thinking of retiring abroad, you will want to consider the advantages of insuring an overseas holiday home with UK-based property insurance experts. QuoteRack has teamed up with overseas property insurance brokers to enable you to receive competitive insurance quotes for your overseas holiday home buildings and contents insurance cover.

"We are ex-pats who have retired to Spain but we have all of our insurance covered from home in the UK. It makes it easier to understand the insurance policy, what's covered and any special terms that have been applied. Our insurance brokers are only a phone call or email away."

Ex-pat property owners insurance

With the growing number of UK overseas property owners, including ex-pat holiday homes in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and in the Czech Republic, the market for overseas property insurance has grown and now there are many places where you can obtain competitive quotes for your holiday home abroad.


"When we bought our holiday home in France we wanted to make sure the insurance was done by a UK insurance broker who knew about the various insurance requirements of expats."

"I have a villa in Spain that is rented out during the summer and I live there over the winter - it works well but my insurance needs are very specific."

Overseas Holiday Home Insurance