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Declined, refused for home insurance or had insurance terms imposed?

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had previous home insurance claims, or maybe been refused household insurance perhaps because of a previous material non-disclosure, you may have encountered difficulty in obtaining house buildings and contents insurance quotes. If this is the case, you require help from insurance brokers who specialise in providing quotes to those who have been refused or declined insurance.

An adverse home insurance claims history might include:

  • Burglary - stolen property and resulting intruder damage
  • Flood damage, burst pipes or escape of water
  • Broken sanitaryware - washbasins, baths, showers
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Lost items - jewellery, keys, credit cards

How long does an insurance company keep my home insurance claims history?

This will vary from insurer to insurer, but typically you should expect an insurer to have access to your previous claims history for between 3 and 7 years.

If you have been declined or refused home insurance...

An adverse insurance claims history is often a problem - being declined for home insurance is another. Once an insurer has decided to cancel insurance cover or declined to invite your insurance renewal for a particular reason, other insurers will often refuse to offer you any form of insurance cover. Once this has happened, finding home insurance quotes will often prove to be increasingly difficult.

"My previous home insurance company refused to invite renewal after I had failed to disclose that I'd made claims on an earlier household insurance policy. Once I'd been refused insurance, many other insurers just didn't want to offer any kind of buildings or contents insurance quotes"

Insurance companies exchange claims information

You may not be aware of CUE - the Claims and Underwriting Exchange - this is an organisation established in 1994 by the insurance industry to create an extensive database of insurance claims made by policyholders, with the intention of reducing fraudulent claims. All major UK insurance companies provide details of their insurance claims to CUE, who in turn make the information available to other insurers upon request.

Can I switch home insurance companies while I'm making a claim?

You are allowed to change insurers while your existing insurer handles your claim. However, your new insurer will want to know the full details of any previous or current claims.

Will making a claim affect my home insurance premiums?

It is quite possible that making an claim on your home buildings or contents insurance might affect how much you pay when your home insurance policy comes round for renewal.

What if I don't tell an insurance company about a previous home insurance claims?

This is to be avoided at all costs. The financial implications of not being up-front about your past claims history can be severe and long-term. Aside from an insurer declining to handle any future claims, your insurance policy could be voided from inception, leaving you without any home insurance cover at all.

Insuring your home after a claim

QuoteRack has teamed up with a specialist insurance intermediary who is able to offer home insurance for those with a poor claims experience - simply complete the online enquiry form to request a no-obligation quotation for your home buildings and/or contents insurance.


"I couldn't leave the property uninsured - my mortgage lender insisted that we maintained buildings insurance cover and so despite having only 2 previous home insurance claims, I found it really difficult to obtain cheap insurance quotes."

"My home was burgled on 3 occasions and my insurance company said that they believed the claims were inflated - so they refused to renew my home insurance cover"

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