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Insuring a rare or unlisted motorcycle

Owning an unusual bike or one that does not carry an ABI code or grouping can be a real headache when it comes to insuring a rare motorbike. Most insurance brokers and indeed other online insurance quotation websites tend to require the motorbike to have its make, model and registration number listed by the ABI - Association of British Insurers.

I own a motorbike that most insurers haven't heard of...

If you own a motorbike that is not listed with the ABI, or perhaps you are unsure of the precise model, it rather throws a spanner in the works when trying to obtain an insurance quote for rare motorbikes. Brokers who are members of QuoteRack include those who will be able to help you insure a non-ABI listed bike.

"I had no end of problems trying to get a decent motorbike insurance quote and just because it was an unlisted new model."

Just because it's rare, we can still help you

QuoteRack brokers have access to the underwriting flexibility that some niche motorbike insurance companies provide, so if you have an unusual motorbike, please give us a try when your rare motorbike insurance renewal is due.

"It was very frustrating, trying to explain to one insurance broker after another that my bike did actually exist. Trying to get an online quote was even worse, until I came across QuoteRack."

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"I had the V5 registration document, an MOT - all I needed was insurance cover. I knew it was a rare machine but that was a large part of the pleasure of owning such an unusual bike."

"One insurance broker told me that the bike was uninsurable, as there was no record of this particular model ever having been made. Wrong!"

Rare & Unlisted Bike Insurance