Sportsmen's Home Insurance

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Household property insurance for sportsmen and women

Buildings and contents home insurance for sportsmen and athletes, whether professional, amateur or disabled sportsmen, includes most of the standard requirements of a conventional home insurance policy, including buildings insurance, contents insurance, plus insurance for items like deep freezer contents and all risks cover on valuable items of jewellery etc.

"As a professional sportswoman, my occupation made quite a difference to the number of insurance companies who were prepared to offer quotes for my home contents insurance, although I'm not sure why being a sportsperson made any difference to insuring my household contents."

Athletes, sportsmen and women covering a wide range of sporting activities can be subject to the various insurance underwriting factors taken into account when calculating home insurance quotes for sportsmen


"I needed a quote for my home insurance and when I mentioned that I was a semi-professional athlete, the broker advised me that only a handful of insurance companies would be willing to offer buildings and contents insurance quotes."

"As an enthusiastic amateur athlete I needed to make sure that the company who insured my household contents knew about my sporting activities"

Sportsman Home Insurance