Sportsmen's Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Quotes for Sportsmen and Women

Travel insurance for professional, amateur and
disabled sportsmen and women

For sportsmen and women, whether professional, amateur or disabled, travelling overseas to sporting events often requires arranging a specialist sports travel insurance policy, to include insurance cover not only for your flights, luggage and equipment, but also medical cover in the event of injury sustained while participating in a sporting event.

"I travel around Europe as an athlete during the athletics season, taking part in tournaments, events and competitions and I need an annual travel insurance policy specifically aimed at sportsmen and women."

QuoteRack is able to submit your requirements for sports travel insurance to an expert insurance intermediary who specialises in arranging travel insurance for sportsmen and athletes.

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Travel Insurance Quotes for Sportsmen and Women

"Overseas travel is an essential part of being a semi-professional athlete - it's not quite a business trip but more than a normal holiday, so the right travel insurance cover is critically important"

"We go to organised events across Europe and the USA too - the cost of medical care in the US is huge so as an amateur sportsperson I need to know I am covered against any unexpected medical bills"