Tipper Van Insurance

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Insuring a tipper van or truck

Arranging tipper van insurance requires the expert knowledge and underwriting experience of specialist brokers who are familiar with the limited insurance market for these types of tipper trucks. QuoteRack has partnered with an insurance broker who has access to highly specialised and very competitive tipper truck insurance schemes and who we can recommend if you are looking for insurance quotes for your tipper vehicle.

"Flat bed tippers, dropside tippers, pick-ups - the range of tipper vans is extensive and insuring tipper trucks requires access to specialist tipper insurance underwriting schemes."

Replacing and repairing a tipper van will typically be more expensive because of the mechanical equipment used for tipping - this is expensive to repair and in the event of an insurance claim, this may result in increased claims costs for the insurance underwriters.

Tipper trucks also represent a potentially increased theft risk - they are expensive to purchase and their parts are highly valued by thieves. For these reasons, it is little surprise that tipper insurance can be an expensive part of owning a tipper lorry.


"Finding a cheap tipper truck insurance quote was extremely difficult - there don't seem to be many insurance brokers or companies willing to offer insurance quotes for these types of commercial vehicles"

"Insurance brokers who specialise in tipper van insurance are few and far between and especially one that fully understands the requirements for insuring a tipper vehicle."

Tipper Van Insurance