Tradesman Tools-Only Insurance

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Insure your workman's tools - 24-hour cover

Do you just need insurance for your workman's tools? Tools-only insurance cover is available now, including cover for when they are left overnight in a locked and secured van. So if you only need to insure your workmen's tools and you do not need or already have a tradesman's insurance policy that perhaps does not include tools cover, simply complete the brief online enquiry form and specialist insurance brokers who are expert in providing quotes for tools insurance will contactly you directly.

For workmen - plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc - the loss of your hand-tools could cost you far more than the cost of replacing them. There is the impact upon your immediate and future jobs, inconvenience for you and your customers and the hassle of having to find suitable replacements quickly. Tools insurance will go some way towards assisting you with the replacement of your valuable tools, including the replacement with new equipment where the original hand tools have been stolen or are damaged beyond repair.

If you are looking for cheap tools-only insurance, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Click for Tools Insurance' link to complete your details online.

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"Workmen's handtools have become a target for thieves - insuring your tradesman's tools gives you peace of mind and means that the disruption to your business and finances are kept to a minimum"

"Tools-only insurance cover is available to tradesmen who may already have an existing liability insurance policy elsewhere but which excludes tools cover"

Tradesman Tools Insurance