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Can you insure a 3-wheeler trike?

If you are looking to insure your custom-built trike, talking to the trike insurance experts makes a lot of sense, especially as they can offer you access to specialist insurance schemes that have been designed solely for either car engined trikes or bike engined trikes, whether it is home-built, professionally-converted or specialist-manufactured.

Trikes fall into their own specialist insurance category and tapping the knowledge of expert trike insurance brokers can result in saving £££'s.

What types of trike can be insured?

Trikes comes in all shapes, styles and engine sizes. Whether you have built your own trike or had it converted by one of the custom trike builders, finding competitively-priced custom trike insurance will largely depend on the same factors that insurers take into account when insuring any other vehicle.

Some of the more popular types of trikes and for which insurance cover may be available include:

  • Custom-built trikes
  • V8 trikes
  • V6 trikes
  • Rat trikes
  • Banditt trikes
  • Hayabusa trikes
  • GSXR trikes
  • Can-Am Spyder trikes
  • Honda Goldwing trikes
  • Pan European trikes
  • 2-seater trikes

Can-Am Spyder Trikes

Our brokers also specialise in insurance for Can-Am Spyder trikes. These innovative and stable 3-wheelers are highly customisable and QuoteRack will put you in touch with an insurance broker who offers highly competitive insurance quotes for Can-Am trikes.

Frequently asked questions

What cover is available for trikes?

As with most car insurance and bike insurance policies, trike insurance cover falls into the following three categories:

  • Comprehensive: This covers the rider, the trike, its passengers, property, third parties, vandalism and theft
  • Third-party, fire and theft: This covers third parties in the event of an accident, as well as fire or theft. It does not cover your trike in the event of an accident or vandalism.
  • Third party only: The most basic, cheapest and legal minimum level of cover in the UK and excludes any damage to your trike. This covers third parties injury and damage to third party property.

Car engine or bike engine trike?

The engine source of your trike might be from an original 3-wheeler, such as Reliant or Morgan, or using the motorcycle engine from a BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Triumph or BSA.

Do I insure my trike as a car or a bike?

If the basis of your trike is a car chassis, then it will need to be insured as a car. Likewise, if the trike is based on a motorbike chassis, it will be insured under a motorbike insurance policy. Typically, if the trike has handlebars then it is likely to be based on a motorbike chassis.

How much is trike insurance?

As with any bike insurance policy, this depends on your individual circumstances and the factors that will affect your trike insurance quote, such as your age, location, where you leave your trike during day and night and your driving experience, as well as the value of the trike.

Can I use my car no claims bonus on a trike insurance policy?

Generally speaking, you are unable to transfer the no claims bonus that you have earned on your car insurance policy on to a trike insurance policy.

How can QuoteRack help with trike insurance?

If you own a trike and you are looking to insure it, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your trike insurance details online.


"Whatever the origin of your trike, whoever built it or customised it, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers can help to insure it quickly and cheaply"

"As of 19th January 2013, the new Motorcycle Test (3rd European Directive) came into effect and this affects the driving test arrangements for new drivers/riders of trikes."

Trike Insurance