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Insurance quotes for courier vans

When it comes to courier van insurance, if you operate as a self-employed courier or maybe you operate a courier fleet, arranging courier insurance for your van or truck requires the knowledge and services of an insurance specialist and QuoteRack enables you to submit your courier van insurance requirements to a number of the UK's top courier insurance brokers who are experts in placing insurance for courier drivers such as you.

Insurance for van couriers and delivery drivers vary considerably and depending upon your own business, there are a number of additional insurance benefits that you may wish to consider, including cover for the goods you are delivering, vandalism to your van or truck, and maybe the option to protect your no claims bonus.

"Finding courier insurance quotes for a couple of small vans was made a lot easier after I used this website - the broker suggested I took out goods in transit cover as well, at a very good price."

Your courier delivery service may operate within a local area, perhaps across a region or even nationally with a fleet of trucks - whatever your insurance needs as a courier might be, there are specialist insurance intermediaries waiting to provide you with a cheap insurance quote.

"Established online in 2006, QuoteRack has enabled many courier van drivers, owners and operators to save money on their insurance. Courier insurance is available through QuoteRack's network of specialist insurance brokers who are actively looking for courier van insurance enquiries."


"Van insurance for an express delivery driver isn't something that many insurance brokers know how to handle - it pays to shop around for the cheapest quotes."

"I have a couple of self-employed courier owner-drivers working for me and they both used the Internet to compare the best insurance quotes."

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