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Homeworker insurance - get the household cover you need

The global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us work and with a significant number of office and other workers having to work from home during the lockdown, the implications for our home insurance policies need to be considered. The change to working from home for some will extend beyond the current restrictions, as many have found that they can work at home at least as efficiently as if they returned to the office.

Barney says: 'Working from home has become 'the new normal' for many people, either through choice or Government decree. Homeowners need to be aware that their existing home insurance policy might not give them the level of buildings and/or contents cover for their new working situation. Homeowners would be well-advised to check with their existing insurer to see whether they are covered for working from home, either temporarily, short-term or as part of a more permanent lifestyle change.'.

So whether you are working from home temporarily while your employer or the Government have asked, or you have always worked from your home office, the impact of this work/life balance upon your house insurance should not be overlooked.

Should you tell your insurer that you're working from home?

Your household buildings and contents policy document might give you basic details of the extent of any cover you have for home-working, such as limits on computer equipment. The best way to find out whether your working from home is covered, either part-time or for the foreseeable future, is to ask your home insurance company or broker. Failure to do this might, in the event of an insurance claim, mean that your cover is invalidated and the claim could be declined.

There will be many who have always worked from home and these latest restrictions have not affected the way they work to as great an extent. If your home-working activities are purely clerical and comprise little more than working on your laptop in a home office, then your insurer might only note that you are at home during the working day and not make any substantial changes to your policy terms and conditions.

There are those whose business is based at home and who perhaps have visitors to their house in order to supply a service or product. Home-workers such as self-employed consultants, beauty therapists, car sales - the list is extensive and, in these cases,, insurers are likely to want more detailed information about the business and any equipment used on the premises that relate specifically to the business.

Homeworker insurance is available for most home-based jobs, whether self-employed, a franchisee, contractor or employed. Some examples of home-workers include:

  • Financial advisers
  • Beauty therapists
  • Professional consultants
  • Home-based car sales
  • Medical consultants
  • Accountants and book-keepers
  • Ebay and internet sales
  • Home-based franchisees
  • Home-based teachers
  • Writers, script editors and translators
  • Home-based web designers and developers
  • Illustrators
  • Home-based telephone services

What additional insurance cover might be needed for home workers?

Your insurer is likely to ask about the type of work you are doing from home, the value of any equipment or furniture that is used for your work, whether you have visitors to the house and also whether you are manufacturing or supplying any products, either to callers or by mail-order.

Depending upon your circumstances, your insurer might suggest an increase in the public liability cover within your existing home insurance policy, as well as employer's liability and product liability if these are appropriate. For those offering a professional service, professional indemnity insurance might also be necessary.

It is important that you tell your insurance company that you are working from home, in whatever capacity.

"If you have converted a room or garage into a home office where you might be receiving visitors, your household buildings and contents policy needs to reflect these changes."

If you would like to receive quotations for working from home insurance, simply click the 'Get a Quote' button to submit your details to insurance brokers who specialise in providing this type of household buildings and contents insurance.


"If you work from home in any capacity and wish to compare quotes for buildings and/or contents insurance, simply click the 'Get a Quote' button to submit your details to specialist insurance brokers who are experts in homeworker insurance."

"Failure to tell your insurance company or broker that you are now working from home could invalidate any future insurance claim."

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