Life Insurance for Members of H.M. Forces

On the 29th June, National Armed Forces Day will once again see the nation show its gratitude and admiration for those serving in the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Through a series of events and patriotic parties held right across the UK, National Armed Forces Day encourages us all to stop, take a moment, and remind ourselves of the stark realities faced by our armed forces.

It also offers an opportunity to remember the 444 British soldiers killed in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

That tragically high figure reinforces just how dangerous a soldier’s occupation is, with the prospect of injury (and worse) all too real for servicemen and women. But the effects of military life go far beyond the front line - with things that regular civilians take for granted every day so much harder to come by when you’re serving your country.

Life insurance is just one of them. Straightforward for most of us, it’s anything but for those in our armed forces.

It’s perhaps no surprise, given the dangers they face, that servicemen and women can struggle to find life insurance on the regular market – but it’s sad that the brave people most deserving of peace of mind can’t always find it.

Armed Forces Life Insurance

That’s where specialist Armed Forces Life Insurance comes in.  Armed Forces Life Insurers make sure that army men and women can protect those they love by providing for their future whatever the circumstances.

Taking into account the prospect of regular overseas travel, and the increased possibility of serious injury or illness, Armed Forces life insurance policies are tailored to the military lifestyle.

Military life is undoubtedly the most uncertain of career paths – so what price can you put on knowing your loved ones are looked after in any eventuality?

QuoteRack provides members of HM Forces access to specialist life insurance schemes available from expert - and independent - financial advisers.  They will help you compare quotes from a range of Armed Forces Life Insurance providers, ensuring that you get not only the best cover, but the best price too.