Bed and Breakfast Owners: Lower your overheads by comparing insurance quotes

We’ve alluded previously in this blog to the pinch being felt by UK hotel owners – and it seems we’re not the only ones to notice.

Auditel, the UK’s leading independent cost-management consultancy, has been busy showing the hospitality industry how it can cut costs right across the board in these tough times – finding savings of tens of thousands of pounds for some hotels.

Now if you run a small B&B on the coast, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to uncover such substantial savings – but you can still follow the cost-cutting advice and apply it to your own business.

And just as it’s the little touches that make your B&B a special place to stay, it’s the little, low-cost measures that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Auditel found there are typically more than 100 business expenses for firms in the hospitality industry. Your first step to cheaper outgoings, is to identify as many as you can:

For a B&B owner, many of those business expenses will overlap with your own living expenses – think fuel bills, phone bills, internet and B&B insurance. If you’re not on the cheapest possible deal for all, your profit margin won’t be as wide as it could be.

Even a review of your mobile phone usage could end up saving you hundreds of pounds per year.

The advice from Auditel, perhaps unsurprisingly, is to outsource this voyage of discovery to an independent cost-management consultant – but for a small B&B, the consultancy fee would almost undoubtedly dwarf the savings you’d achieve.

So instead, focus on the quick wins – the savings you can make quickly and easily without comprising your service to your guests.

Reviewing your B&B insurance won’t cost you anything, and with QuoteRack you can compare cover with a minimum of fuss. We have a range of bed and breakfast insurance specialists waiting to offer you their best deal, providing peace of mind as well as great cost savings.

Check to see if you’re getting the cheapest deal on B&B insurance today – then you’ve just 99 more expenses to re-negotiate!