Insuring an Ex-Offender's Car - QuoteRack Can Help

Most drivers are familiar with the types of motoring convictions that can seriously damage your car insurance premium.

Speeding, drink-driving and using a mobile phone at the wheel can all prove to be costly convictions, with driving without insurance – how ironically – also one of the worst offences in the eyes of motor insurers.

Of course, it stands to reason that any car-based criminality would impact your motor insurance premiums. But what if you’re convicted of an entirely unrelated crime - an assault, perhaps, or theft from a house?

Surely those crimes wouldn’t affect your car insurance premiums, once you’ve faced your punishment and served your time?

Well actually yes they would. And surprisingly, declaring any previous prison sentence as a ‘non-motor offence’ actually REDUCES the number of insurers willing to take you on at regular terms, compared to a motor-related offence.

It seems most motor insurers don’t really believe in second chances or reformed characters, because once you have a black mark of any kind on your criminal record, you can expect a real struggle to find reasonably priced cover.

Ex-offenders car insurance

If you are a driver with a criminal record – whether you received a custodial sentence, caution or community service - ex-offender car insurance is your best bet for good-value cover.

By insuring your vehicle through one of these specialist brokers, experts in high-risk insurance, you’ll find the cover you need without paying as much for your previous mistakes.

And you can apply for third party, fire and theft or comprehensive cover for your car, van or motorbike, even if you’re still committed to community service or a parole agreement.

At QuoteRack, we have ex-offender car insurance brokers ready to provide a no-obligation quote to fit your requirements today. Rest assured they will handle your enquiry with complete discretion – no judgment, no stigma – just great value car insurance that helps you get back on the road.