Car Insurance for Celebs - A-List to Z-List

Justin Bieber and Mr Bean – two characters you might not expect to share too many personality traits. Yet both appear to have a penchant for fast cars and both have run into a little difficulty as a result.

Earlier this year, pop idol Bieber saw his white Ferrari sustain $10,000 worth of damage in the hands of a friend, while Rowan Atkinson, star of the Mr Bean and Blackadder series, actually holds the UK record for a car insurance payout. His Mercedes McLaren underwent a staggering £910,000 of repair work after a crash in 2011 – leaving the actor with an annual insurance premium of around £60,000.

Such high-profile incidents help to explain why, in the eyes of motor insurance companies at least, celebrities are a substantially higher risk than the everyday man on the street.

Celebrity car insurance

Perhaps it’s an assumption that celebrity status makes somebody more likely to drive dangerously, or the threat of damage from over-zealous fans or paparazzi. Whatever the official reasons given, ‘celebrity’ is a hazardous occupation according to most insurers – and it can make life difficult for those in the public eye looking to insure their cars.

That’s especially the case for young stars trying to insure high-powered, expensive vehicles. With their age and lack of driving experience already counting against them, their unusual occupation pushes premiums even higher.

Members of Britain’s biggest boyband, One Direction, have found that fame comes at a cost – with one paying as much to insure his new Porsche as he did to buy the car in the first place.

Help is at hand though. By contacting a specialist insurer willing to bear the risk of insuring celebrity vehicles, there are significant savings to be made. After all, not every well-known TV presenter, actor or musician earns a bottomless pit of money.

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