What a Chopped Bike means for your Insurance Premium

Working in partnership with one of our specialist insurance broker partners, QuoteRack is now able to offer access to highly competitive quotes for 'chopper insurance'.

These 'chopped' motorcycles usually bear little resemblance to the original motorbike on which they are based, often involving major reconstruction of the frame, forks, wheels, engine - in fact the entire machine is often modified beyond recognition, all topped off with a distinctive and unique paint design. For chopper owners, they are a labour of love and immense pride.

Hogs and Harley's

The concept of choppers dates back to the USA in the 50's and 60's, when the trend was established by the Hell's Angel's biker gangs of the West Coast, which typically used Harley-Davidson motorbikes as the basis for their 'hogs'. Probably the best-known example of choppers were the bikes ridden by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in the iconic film Easy Rider.

Nowadays choppers are a relatively rare sight on British roads but properly done, they still have the ability to impress. Finding insurance for these one-off machines can be difficult, mainly because each one is unique and insurers tend not to like 'different'. QuoteRack.co.uk is used to assisting those with 'unusual insurance' requirements and we are delighted to add our new chopper insurance scheme to the many different categories of insurance available through QuoteRack.