Country Estates and How to Insure Them

The TV programme 'Downton Abbey' revived interest in Berkshire’s Highclere Castle – the country estate where the show was filmed.

Ever since Downton Abbey first aired in 2010, the real-life estate has gained popularity as a visitor attraction, with fans from all over the world keen to experience the opulent surroundings they’ve seen on screen.

It’s proving a great sideline for Highclere Castle, who sell public admission tickets, shop souvenirs and now even private tours costing £100 per ticket.

Now, there’s not many country estates that can boast of an Emmy-Award-winning drama being filmed on the premises - but Highclere Castle certainly isn’t the first country house to cash in on a sideline business.

Insurance for country estates

All over the country, manor houses and country estates are hired out for wedding venues, parties and conferences and corporate away days. Others might run a farmyard shop on the grounds, invite visitors to enjoy their glorious gardens or host shooting parties for gamekeepers.

But with all these commercial interests meaning a steady stream of people and vehicles passing through their grounds, country estate landowners have plenty to consider when insuring their property and land.

Public liability insurance is essential for any country estate hosting events on the premises, while your home and contents policy will need to reflect the fact that you welcome people into your property in the course of business.

Shooting on the estate can also add additional risk – with most regular insurers simply unable to provide adequate cover.

The solution lies in specialist Country Estate Insurance. Combining the best elements of prestige home insurance with public liability cover, Country Estate insurance is tailored entirely to the way your home and gardens are used.

QuoteRack works closely with insurance brokers who specialise in insurance cover for country estates.