A Drink-Drive Conviction Can Seriously Damage Your Car Insurance

Specialist drink-drive car insurance can lessen impact

When you’re convicted of a driving offence, the fine can be severe. But the initial financial penalty pales into insignificance when compared with the longer-term impact of increased motor insurance. A recent report shows that criminal convictions for a road offence could easily see your insurance premium rocket by up to 150%.
Drink driving is one of the offences to hit you hardest in the pocket (insurance for drink drivers increases in cost by around 113%), while other ‘red flags’ for insurers include convictions for using your phone, driving with defect tyres and driving without due care and attention (all adding around 50% to your existing premium).
Speeding on a public road, by far the most common offence (accounting for around two thirds of all driving crimes), increases your car insurance premium by around a third.
Given the inflated prices, the temptation not to disclose your indiscretions to your insurer is understandable – but failure to include the details during your application would only serve to void your policy. In the event of an accident further down the line, your insurer would simply swerve a payout.So what can you do?

Insurance for drink drivers

If you’ve been convicted of drink-driving, you will find more sympathetic insurers by searching for a dedicated drink-drive insurance policy. Less inclined to simply add a multiplier to the cost of your policy, specialist drink-drive insurers will provide a more bespoke policy that could help you save money in the long-term.Visit the QuoteRack website to learn more about insurance for convicted drivers, and to get a more favourable quote today.
And if you’re ever tempted to get back on the road without insurance, be warned – your money-saving efforts will prove false economy. Once caught and convicted of driving without insurance, you can expect your next premium to cost almost two and a half times as much as you would have paid in the first place...