Holiday and Second Home Insurance - Covering All Eventualities

VisitEngland is hoping to get people ‘animated’ over the prospect of holidaying at home – with a new £4m marketing campaign headed by Wallace and Gromit.

The ‘Great Adventure’ campaign can only be good news for those with an investment in a UK holiday property; Last year’s version led to an increased domestic tourism spend of £300m.

Indeed over the last few years, UK tourism has needed all the help it could get.

While the economic downturn helped make an affordable home-based break more appealing, the abysmal recent weather (coupled with the persistence of cheap package deals) means many people would still rather seek out the sun abroad.

For holiday home owners in the UK then, it’s been tough times. But if Aardman’s animated duo can capture the public imagination this summer, things could be looking up.

In which case, it’s time to get your house in order.

Here at QuoteRack we can’t help you with the painting and decorating, but we can help ensure your second home insurance policy is up to scratch.

Holiday Home Insurance

Regardless of whether you’re expecting a busy summer of tenancies, your insurance policy for your second property needs to account for the quiet periods too. A standard home insurance policy can become invalidated when a property lies empty for weeks at a time, so you’ll need a specialist policy tailored towards holiday homes.

Your policy should also include accidental damage cover to protect your fixtures and fittings against the more clumsy of guests – and you’ll need public liability insurance too. This protects you in the event that a holiday gone wrong leads to litigation (think of the damage a burst pipe or gas leak at your property could do).

To compare your holiday home insurance options, get a quote from several specialist insurers at once via the QuoteRack service. By comparing quotes, you should be able to save some money into the bargain – leaving you some spare cash to spruce the place up ready for a hectic summer.