If You Modify Your Car, You Might Need to Shop Around for Car Insurance

In the age of personalisation, it should come as no surprise that off-the-shelf (or should that be off the forecourt) cars are proving simply too conformist for many people.

Customising or modifying vehicles is a hobby that’s been around for generations, but reports in Scotland show a recent boom in the modified car industry.

It’s estimated that north of the border, modified car accessories and services are worth around £100m a year to the economy – and the craze is still growing. The latest Scottish Car Show, a mecca for the modified scene, was held just a few weeks ago and was attended by more than three times the usual number of people.

With the rise in popularity, there has come a change in perception too.

Customised or modified cars, with lower racing-style suspension, bigger wheels and throaty exhausts have traditionally been associated with anti-social behaviour. Think ‘boy-racers’, burnouts in disused car parks and wheel-screeching pull-aways at traffic lights.

Now the scene is changing, with more money being spent on these labours of love, and consequently more care being taken in keeping the cars in good shape.

It’s a scene-change that’s not lost on some bright sparks in the motor insurance industry. So where it might previously have been difficult (or at least prohibitively expensive) to find car insurance for modified vehicles, specialist insurers are now prepared to offer competitive premiums.

Insurance for modified cars and vans

It’s a staple question on any motor insurance application form – ‘has the vehicle been modified since registration?’. Traditionally, ticking yes would see a significant increase in premium. Ticking no, of course, could invalidate your policy altogether if it’s not the whole truth.

But now, lower suspension doesn’t have to mean higher premiums.

That’s because specialist insurers are providing bespoke policies to drivers of modified cars, in much the same way as they might offer specialist terms to drivers of classic cars.

It’s all based on the same principle; that a car lover – whether they own a classic Spitfire or a lowered Astra – is committed and careful enough to look after their pride and joy on and off the road.

So if you own a car with an enlarged exhaust, a van with retrospectively fitted windows or indeed any marginally modified vehicle, now’s your chance to save a bit of money each year to put towards your next customisation. Get a quote for modified car insurance from our select band of specialist brokers today.