Lamborghini Aventador Insurance

Surely anybody that can afford a £400,000 Lamborghini can also afford some pretty watertight car insurance?

Well, not so, it seems. This week, a Lamborghini Aventador was stopped by Police in East London – and the driver’s insurance policy was found to be insufficient for him to take the wheel.

A costly error, to put it mildly. The Aventador was seized and towed by Police, as part of a crackdown that saw them take 180 cars off the roads in a single day.

That crackdown – Operation Cubo – is still very much in force, and is targeting uninsured vehicles and their drivers. Not only are the cars loaded onto a tow truck and compounded, the drivers can be arrested for driving without insurance.

So, if you own a Lamborghini, or any other high-value vehicle for that matter, now might be a good time to check your insurance policy.

Lamborghini Insurance

Only by covering your car through a specialist Lamborghini Insurance broker can you truly be sure that your pride and joy is properly protected.

Lamborghini Insurance policies take into account the expense of potential repairs, the rarity of garages capable of making those repairs, and the driver’s need for a high-powered hire vehicle in the interim period.

So, get a quote from specialist brokers via Quoterack, and start insuring your Lamborghini properly from today. It’s probably safe to say there’s at least one driver in London who wishes he’d done exactly that…