Insuring Your Maserati - Specialist Brokers Required

Recently we blogged about Aston Martin’s centenary year, the launch of its two new prestigious models, and the availability of specialist insurance for Aston Martin drivers.

Just to make sure that other supercar drivers don’t feel left out, we’re now casting the spotlight on one of Aston’s main competitors – Maserati.

It’s a busy year for the Italian manufacturer too, as they launch their new ‘Ghibli’ model into a market they’ve left previously untouched. Yes, Maserati is set to do battle in what motor professionals would consider the ‘upper medium’ segment – taking its place on the forecourts alongside Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar.

It’s aimed at making the Maserati somewhat more affordable – but you’ll still have to shell out almost £50,000 to buy one from new.

And of course for many people who dream of owning a Maserati, the ‘upper medium’ Ghibli wouldn’t quite cut it. It has to be the prestigious Quattroporte, or better still the jaw-dropping Gran Turismo – the models that have earned the Maserati brand its supercar status.

Insuring a Maserati

Achieving that dream of owning a Maserati lays down your next life challenge straight away – insuring it. Because when you’ve got a vehicle that valuable, you need to find insurance that covers not just its financial worth, but also its personal importance to you as the owner.

It’s not just any old car – so naturally any old car insurance policy won’t be up to scratch. Specialist Maserati insurance is the way to go, ensuring proper peace of mind through a series of valuable benefits.

For example, even though Maserati garages are somewhat few and far between in this country, Maserati insurance policies usually stipulate that your car can be repaired by one of these specialists in the event of damage.

They’ll also often provide a like-for-like courtesy car while your car is being worked on. So while you may not be able to drive your Maserati for a short period, you’ll at least continue to enjoy the experience of getting behind the wheel of one of the world’s finest driving machines.

These benefits naturally come at a cost, but by comparing specialist Maserati car insurance brokers through QuoteRack, you can get a surprisingly good deal on your premiums.

Request quotes from our brokers today and discover how to protect your pride-and-joy Maserati for less.