Using Your NCB on Another Car

An independent study has revealed that protecting your No Claims Bonus on your car insurance could be false economy – unless you make a claim in the first year.

Protecting your No Claims Bonus, an option usually offered by insurers after several years of safe driving, cushions the premium price rise you would face in the event of a claim.

But it comes at a cost – and, unless you make a claim pretty much immediately after shelling out on protection – that cost can outweigh the saving you make on your premium.

Of course, that scenario only takes into account you insuring one vehicle. But if you’re thinking of protecting your No Claims Bonus in order to reduce your premiums across a second or third vehicle, that could be false economy too. Why? Because most insurers won’t let you use your No Claims Bonus concurrently on your second car – effectively forcing you to start again from scratch.

Mirrored No Claims Discount

Thankfully, help is at hand from a select band of motor insurers who offer ‘mirrored no claims bonus’ policies, allowing you to use your accrued No Claims Discount across a couple of vehicles at once.

And if your own personal fleet includes a car and a van, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can even use the no claims bonus built up on your car insurance policy to insure your van.

Despite being something of an insurance rarity, the Mirrored No Claims Discount is incredibly straightforward once you’ve found an insurer that offers 'second car no claims bonus'.

All you’ll need is proof of your No Claims discount from your current insurer – just as you would in the event of any regular switch of provider. You’ll also need to be aged 21 or over, but then most drivers with any significant no claims bonus will be…

To find an insurer happy to mirror your no claims discount on to a second vehicle, simply fill in your details at and our specialist insurers will get back to you with a quote.

You’ll find in almost all cases that you can save significant amounts of money when you mirror your NCB. So much so, it might actually become worth protecting that no claims discount after all…