Would you Benefit from a Mini-Fleet Car Insurance Policy?

Have you ever remarked that your driveway looks like a car park? Or had to undertake a degree in logistics just to work out how best to shuffle your vehicles around?

You wouldn’t be alone.

At last count, 32% of families kept more than one car at home, with one in 50 households having as many as FOUR vehicles on the drive.

The rise of the multi-vehicle family is being driven by offspring staying at home longer, often unable to afford to move out.

But if you’re getting a little tired of the kids still being around, here’s a small bit of compensation for you.

Mini-fleet insurance

Mini-fleet insurance is the quickest, and usually the cheapest way to protect the 2, 3, 4 or 5 motors blocking up your drive. It also offers the added benefit of convenience – with just one renewal date to remember rather than having them dotted all over the diary.

Often more flexible than standard insurance arrangements, a ‘mini-fleet’ tends to comprise two to five cars (or vans, or a mixture of both). Mini fleet insurance is available to homeowners and business owners alike, and represents a real opportunity for savings.

Of course, if you’ve insured more than one of your vehicles with the same insurer in the past, you’ll know that they often offer discounts on the basis of a linked policy. But mini fleet or multi car insurance cover takes the concept further still, covering all your vehicles on one single policy.

So, add up all the premiums currently paid in your house, and compare them against a mini fleet insurance quote from our specialists at QuoteRack. Your mini-fleet could save you a small fortune – which will go some way to calming your frustration at the traffic jam on your drive…