Not Quite Ready for the Pipe and Slippers?

Whatever your age, it’s more than likely you’re familiar with Facebook - the online social network that’s slowly-but-surely replacing face-to-face human interaction.

The site was forced to apologise recently when a 104-year old grandmother discovered she had to lie about her age in order to sign up – Facebook’s settings precluding the input of any date prior to 1910.

It may be something of an extreme case, but it serves to illustrate that the internet is no longer the exclusive domain of younger generations.

Indeed more over-50s are using the Internet than ever before – and most are putting the technology to much better use than the occasional chat on Facebook.

Online tools offer a great way to save money, whether you’re shopping for a holiday, a new car or life insurance. Shopping around for the best price has never been easier and the savings on offer make your efforts in learning to ‘surf’ more than worthwhile.

Life insurance for the over 50's

The Internet also represents a great opportunity to track down the kind of hard-to-find, niche insurance products you’d never find on the High Street.  If you’ve ever struggled to take out life cover because you’re aged over 50, for example, you can now track down 50+ life insurance online in a matter of seconds.

Life insurance for the over 50’s is slowly becoming more prominent in the market as life expectancies continue to rise. It is, however, still provided mostly through specialist brokers or by insurers advertising on TV, offering you a free pen or alarm clock for the right to provide you with a quote. The silver surfer life insurance market is that competitive.

At QuoteRack, specialist life insurance advisers are ready and waiting to provide you with a quote, directly, quickly and without any obligation or commitment.

So not only does the online market help you to find 50+ insurance in the first place – it ensures you get the very best price too.

Proving once more that not everyone over 50 is quite ready for their pipe and slippers...