Selling Cars from Home - Consider a Motor Trade Insurance Policy

Walk into your local newsagent this month and you’ll find a popular title missing from its regular spot on the magazine shelves.

That’s because Auto Trader, the world-renowned car magazine, published its last ever issue in June 2013.

The magazine has been running for more than 36 years, but has now been axed after sales slumped from a peak of 368,000 readers to a circulation of just 27,000.

But the decision to end the print run is no reflection on the popularity of the brand – which continues to go from strength to strength in its online form. More than 11.5m people now use Auto Trader’s digital presence to buy and sell their vehicles.

The continued rise of internet trading such as Autotrader and Ebay Motors means it’s now easier than ever to sell cars from home – leading to a growth in part-time motor traders who supplement their existing income through vehicle sales and repairs.

What’s less easy, is obtaining the necessary level of insurance cover to carry out this sideline business.

Part-time motor trader insurance

As a part-time motor trader, you’re viewed by most insurers as a greater risk than your full-time counterparts. Carrying out repairs and test drives less frequently than those in the trade permanently, insurers seem wary that you could be a little…rusty.

Fortunately, QuoteRack has access to a number of specialist insurers that offer bespoke policies to protect part-time traders.

These policies cover your own road vehicles, as well as those you need to periodically test-drive, and provide cover for your premises, tools and repair equipment too.

For buyers and sellers, another benefit of part-time motor trade insurance cover is that you can keep the MID (motor insurance database) updated with the vehicles that pass into your care – without having to be individually insured for each one.

Even vehicles kept off the road with a SORN declaration can be covered for third party, fire and theft.

In short, a part-time motor trade policy gives you the security you need to drive your business forward. Assess your options by requesting a quote from our specialist insurers today.