Home Insurance Cover is Available Following Earlier Claims

According to recent research, almost half of UK households have had a home insurance claim disputed or rejected by their insurer. That is perhaps unsurprising, given that the same survey reveals 6 out of 10 people never read their policy terms and conditions.

A disputed claim - with your insurer casting an eye of suspicion in your direction - is at best an uncomfortable experience. For some though, it’s the start of an insurance nightmare.

Because if you have the misfortune to incur repeated losses or damages at home, your growing catalogue of claims can start to count against you – and can even lead to your insurer withholding their offer of renewal once your policy expires.

Effectively, your insurer can ‘let you go’ – and refuse to cover you any longer.

It’s the same story if it transpires that you’ve made a misrepresentation to your insurer (perhaps missed out certain details in your application, or failed to mention previous claims made on other policies).

And if losing one insurer isn’t bad enough, such a turn of events could see you blacklisted by other insurance companies too. That’s because, unbeknown to the vast majority of the public, insurance firms actively share information via an organisation called CUE – the Claims and Underwriting Exchange.

Once you’re in this spiral, an adverse claims history won’t just mean sky-high premiums – it will mean great difficulty in getting cover at ANY price.

So if it happens to you, how do you arrest the slide?

Adverse Claims History Insurance

Adverse Claims History Home Insurance is specifically designed by specialist brokers to help homeowners with a poor claims history get back on the ladder.

And as many insurers now offer no-claims discounts on home cover as well as car insurance, it means you can start to rebuild your record from scratch.

To get your property and its contents properly protected again, get a quote today from QuoteRack. We have teamed up with specialist insurance intermediaries who may be able to offer you home insurance terms despite your negative claims record.

Just complete the online enquiry form to request a quote and put your insurance misery well and truly behind you.