Insuring a Quad - Where do you go?

Somewhat fittingly for an all-terrain vehicle or ‘ATV’, the Quad Bike is in the headlines on both sides of the world at the moment – causing a stir in Australia as well as here at home.

MPs in Scotland have proposed tighter licensing laws to help police identify owners, while Health and Safety executives down under, concerned by an increasing number of accidents, are calling for under 16s to be banned from driving Quad Bikes altogether.

Both cases highlight the grey areas of legality around Quad Bikes, which leave many owners confused as to their lawful obligations.

Here in the UK, a Quad Bike used solely off road is subject to little regulation. You don’t need a driver’s licence to ride it, nor does it have to be taxed or registered.

A road-going Quad Bike, however, requires an MOT, tax disc and registration plates just like a regular car.

If you use your ATV for agricultural purposes such as farming or forestry, you can register it as a concessionary vehicle – eligible for zero-rated tax. You’ll still need to renew your tax every year, and display the disc as normal – but you won’t have to pay a penny.

To ride a Quad Bike on the road, you’ll need a full B1 driver’s licence – the same as you’d need for a car. Indeed while a Quad is a ‘bike’ by name, the legal requirements are more closely aligned to four-wheel vehicles. Whereas motorbikes over here can be ridden at 16, a Quad Bike rider must be at least 17.

Quad Bike Insurance

Again, just like a car, a Quad Bike needs to be covered by a minimum of third party insurance in order for it to be taken out on the roads.

And even if you use your ATV solely off-road, where insurance isn’t a legal requirement –it’s certainly a good idea. Accidents do happen – frequently where Quad Bikes are concerned - and your investment in your vehicle should always be protected.

In either case though, finding quad bike insurance can be an uphill battle. Due to the risks associated with ATVs, many insurers refuse to provide any kind of cover.

At QuoteRack, things are made a little easier. We have a number of specialist Quad Bike insurers ready to provide you with a quote, whether you’re taking your bike on the road, into the forest or keeping it locked up in the barn.