Putting Snooker Hall Insurance in the Frame

According to the chairman of its governing body, it is the fastest growing sport on the planet – with participation levels now estimated at around 100m around the world. 

And as it tightens its global grip, the game will now take its first ever tournament to India.

What are we talking about? Snooker.

The game that once bought us Steve ‘interesting’ Davis seems an unlikely contender for the title of 2013’s most ascendant sport. But thanks to an emergence of new talent, several new, faster formats and the financial backing of Barry Hearn, it seems that snooker is shedding its staid image and finding favour with a whole new generation.

As the game’s popularity increases, snooker’s governing body is even planning to campaign for a place at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

Snooker’s rise from the ashes is of course great news for the owners and financiers of snooker clubs up and down the country.

So often only busy when televised tournaments spike interest in the casual player, snooker clubs and pool halls are finally finding their tables filled on a more regular basis.

But if, as a snooker hall owner, you find yourself taking advantage of the billiard boom by investing in new tables, equipment and furnishings, be sure not to snooker yourself by failing to update your insurance policy.

Snooker club insurance

For insurers, snooker and billiard halls, often licensed premises, represent a proposition quite unlike anything else on the high street. As such, they require a very specific type of insurance.

You’ll need cover for accidental damage to cues and tables (it only takes one misplaced swerve shot to rip an expensive baize), cover for any social functions or parties your club hosts, and the kind of public liability insurance you’d expect of any late night bar or club serving alcohol.

Mixing these various elements of standard business insurance, specialist snooker club insurance brokers are able to protect you and your club from the unique risks of your industry.

So while snooker goes from strength to strength, your club can do the same.

Get a quote today from QuoteRack’s specialist snooker club insurers to find the best possible deal – and see if you can ‘pocket’ some change compared to your existing premium.