Insurance is Something to Consider When Buying a Thatched Property

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Whether you already own a beautiful thatched property or you’re considering moving to one in the future, it’s important to be aware of your responsibilities in terms of maintenance.

The quintessential country vision, a thatched roof is something rather special and requires a greater degree of care than a regular, more ‘standard’ property. If properly looked after though, you’ll be able to enjoy its style, beauty and country charm year after year.

The first step in caring for your thatched roof is finding a thatch insurance policy that meets your needs. Be aware that the increased risk of fire damage necessitates a specialist thatch insurance policy – a regular home insurance policy would almost certainly be voided at the point of claim.

Given the rarity of thatch houses and the even greater rarity of modern-day thatchers, thatched roofing can be time-consuming and expensive to repair – so it’s imperative you have adequate insurance cover in place.

Once you’re covered, your roof maintenance routine becomes a simple exercise in vigilance. Take the time to inspect your roof on a regular basis, looking out for the tell-tale signs of damage. Here are a few of the key things to look out for…

Signs of life: Dislodged bits of thatch, accompanied by small holes, usually mean the local wildlife have taken a shine to your roof. Birds, mice and squirrels can cause considerable damage, so call in a pest control or thatching expert to advise on removing them.

Moss and damp: If you spot thick moss growing on your roof, it means your roof is retaining too much moisture. Look out for wet patches on the eaves too, which are a sign that your thatch is leaking.

Exposed fixings: Even well cared for, a thatch roof only has a lifespan of around 20 years. Once you can see the roof fixings coming through, it is time to have the roof repaired.

Check the chimney: Look for heavily-worn thatch around the chimney – it may mean heat energy is escaping your home.

Keeping a close eye on your thatch will help not only to keep the roof looking its best, but also to validate your thatch insurance policy. For a quote on a new policy, contact specialist thatch property insurers via Quoterack today.