End of a Campervan Era

For decades, the VW Campervan has been the vehicle of choice for festival revellers, gap-year travellers and anyone a little ‘hippy’ at heart.

But more than 63 years since the first one rolled off the production line, Volkswagen has just announced it’s the end of the road: this December, the final VW campervan factory in Brazil will close forever.

The decision to call time on this true icon of fun and freedom comes due to the fact that the campervans cannot be fitted with airbags.

A sad day for the vehicle’s legions of fans – and a victory for Health and Safety executives everywhere.

With more than 10m sold worldwide since the fifties, the second-hand campervan market is still very much alive – but you won’t be able to buy one new once the curtain comes down on 2013.

As a result, you might find your VW campervan carrying greater value in the years to come.

On the flipside though, as numbers slowly dwindle it will be harder to replace your vehicle if the unthinkable ever happens.

All the more reason to keep your campervan in good shape. Often pushed to the limit on long ‘road trips’, experts say the iconic vehicles could have a much longer life span if kept to 50mph on the road, and given plenty of rest on exhaustive journeys.

VW Campervan Insurance

Of course there’s a more obvious way to protect your pride and joy. VW Campervan insurance.

With no more models in production after this year, your VW will slowly but surely become a limited edition – and a collector’s item needs to be properly covered.

VW Campervan Insurance is a specialist type of policy that takes into account the personal connection you have to the vehicle. It recognises that a VW Camper is not just another car – it’s a lifestyle choice that has to be securely protected.

So whether you already own a camper, or you’re looking to invest in one before the factory shuts down its production line, get a VW Campervan insurance quote from QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers today – and embark on your next journey with full peace of mind.