Refund Policy

Our Invalid Lead Refund Policy

How you can request the refund of an invalid lead

QuoteRack generates thousands of insurance enquiries each month and the overwhelming majority of these are from genuine prospects who are looking for assistance with their individual insurance requirements.

It is the nature of Internet-generated enquiries however, that the occasional lead will prove to be invalid and for a variety of possible reasons.

Under these circumstances, we will endeavour to treat fairly and promptly all requests from our supporting brokers, intermediaries and financial advisers for refunds in respect of specific leads they have received that they consider to be invalid.

In order to request the refund of a particular lead, simply forward the relevant QuoteRack Quote Request email to with a brief summary of the reasons for your request. We will endeavour to investigate and refund the lead within 24 hours.

What is an invalid lead?

We adopt a flexible, sensible and typically 'no quibble' approach to requests for refunds in respect of genuinely invalid leads. We work closely with our supporting clients to ensure that they do not pay for invalid leads and that they remain happy with the service we provide.

An invalid lead will typically fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Duplicate leads
  • Leads submitted via an incorrect category
  • Overseas-based leads (unless appropriate to the type of lead,
    e.g. overseas property insurance)
  • Leads with an incomplete or incorrect contact telephone number
    (i.e number unobtainable tone) and email address
    (i.e. email hard bounce)
  • Bogus / spam / ‘test’ leads

Please note that we monitor all QuoteRack leads as a matter of routine and we will delete and refund any that we consider to be clearly and obviously invalid, so please use the 'View My Leads' function in your Broker Area before requesting the refund of a lead, as we may have already deleted the lead from your account.

What is not an invalid lead?

We sometimes receive requests from brokers for refunds in respect of leads for reasons that fall outside the criteria that we require for the refund of a lead.

Unfortunately and in most cases, we will not usually agree to refund a lead that falls into one of the following categories:

  • Where the enquirer has already taken out an insurance policy with another broker
  • Where the lead is generated outside normal office hours, e.g. evenings and weekends
  • Where basic 'directory enquiries' checks reveals an alternative or correct phone number
  • Where the lead is not converted into new business
  • Where the prospect has requested contact by email only

Neither of these lists is exhaustive and we are willing to consider each case on its individual merits. We investigate thoroughly all requests for refunds and we welcome sensible and genuine requests in respect of invalid leads.

Exceptionally, brokers who persistently and routinely request refunds for allegedly invalid leads and/or where our checks reveal bogus requests for invalid leads, will have their QuoteRack account suspended.