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Of all the imported Japanese cars, when launched in Japan back in 1995 the Honda Integra Type R set the standard for high-revving, red-line bouncing front-wheel drive ‘pocket rockets’. It’s no wonder it became a popular car to import into the UK, as only 500 cars were officially allocated by Honda to be sold by official UK Honda dealers.

As time has gone by and there are fewer imported Honda Integra Type R’s still on the road, their rarity and the consequent demand for cars and the parts needed to keep them on the road has led to some insurers choosing not to offer insurance quotes for the Japanese imported versions of the car. This is where QuoteRack can help you – we offer you access to FCA-regulated insurance brokers who have insurance underwriting schemes specifically aimed at imported Japanese car insurance for models such as the Honda Integra Type R

How much does it cost to insure an imported Honda Integra Type R?

There are several factors that will affect how much your insurance quote is for your imported Honda Integra Type R. These include the annual mileage you are likely to cover, the value of the car, the age of the driver and the cover you want – whether comprehensive or third party, fire and theft. These cars were superbly engineered by Honda’s finest designers and have several features normally only seen on expensive, high-end sports cars. Finding replacement parts therefore can be difficult for insurers when faced with a damaged Honda Integra Type R. Making sure your insurance cover includes accidental damage would therefore seem a sensible choice.

How to insure your Honda Integra Type R

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