Mazda Bongo Van Insurance


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The size and shape of your imported Japanese Mazda Bongo van lends itself to being converted for a wide range of uses, not least as a campervan. Importing a Mazda Bongo from Japan, either directly yourself or buying one that’s already been imported and converted, means that as an imported model you will need to consider how best to insure it.

Converted or modified Mazda Bongos come in all shapes and sizes and the extent of the modifications and how well they have been carried out means that there is a wide range of vehicles available. For insurers, this poses something of an issue, as there is no standard model or specification upon which they can base a premium. Specialist insurance brokers who are familiar with insuring imported cars and vans like the Mazda Bongo will usually have access to underwriting schemes, agreed with insurers, whereby the insurance broker can offer insurance quotes to owners of Mazda Bongos.

Is Mazda Bongo Insurance Expensive?

How much Japanese imported car insurance will cost for your Mazda Bongo will depend upon a number of factors, chief among them will be the intended use of the vehicle. There is wide difference in exposure to risk if your Japanese Mazda Bongo has been converted to a minibus and is being used for private hire or taxi purposes, as against a Mazda Bongo that has been converted for use as a camper van and is only used for high days and holidays. You might be using your Mazda Bongo as a daily driver, covering an average annual mileage, or it might be stored on your driveway for long periods and only gets an outing when used for weekends away camping. Comparing insurance quotes for your Mazda Bongo will largely come down to finding the right insurance broker with access to a suitable insurance scheme aimed specifically at these types of Japanese imported vans.

How to Insure Your Mazda Bongo

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