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If you’re the proud owner of a Mazda Eunos, Japan’s equivalent to the MX-5, you’ll want to make sure that this imported sports car is covered by an insurance policy suitable for imported Japanese cars like the Mazda Eunos. QuoteRack can help you get a quote for your Eunos.

It’s a widely-held belief among petrol heads that the Mazda Eunos, the original Japanese 2-seater sports car, is one of the finest examples of a compact, relatively cheap, convertible ‘driver’s car’ ever made. The popularity of the Mazda Eunos has led to a large number of the cars being imported from Japan as ‘grey imports’ or ‘parallel imports’ – vehicles that have been imported from Japan other than through the usual Mazda main dealer route.

Comparing Japanese imported car insurance quotes for personal imports like a Mazda Eunos is best handled by a specialist insurance broker who can provide Mazda owners with a policy appropriate to this type of Japanese import. Although almost identical to the MX-5, there are regional variations in the specifications of individual models such as the Eunos 100, the Mazda Lantis, Eunos Cosmo and Presso and of course the Eunos Roadster.

How much does it cost to insure an imported Mazda Eunos?

Finding a competitive insurance quote for your Eunos will be based upon a number of factors, including the ability of the insurance broker to have access to insurance schemes that cater for imported Japanese cars. Other considerations include the age of the car, your likely annual mileage and whether it is considered a classic car, with an agreed value. This might be possible, although you are likely to need a valuation from an independent source to support an agreed value policy. Restricting the mileage of the car, a limited mileage policy in all but name, will also offer potential discounts when it comes to comparing quotes for your Mazda Eunos insurance quote.

How to insure your Mazda Eunos

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